I’m an assistant professor at the University of Texas-Arlington and a freelance writer.

My research interests relate to human-centered sustainability issues in urban and metropolitan contexts. In other words, I’m dedicated to analyzing, interpreting, and communicating the elements necessary to ensure goods, resources, and opportunities are accessible, acquired through just means, and retained through systems of mutual accountability.  As I generally consider governmental and nonprofit organizations to be primary drivers of these efforts, my work opens up these institutions to determine how they can best function for all people.

When I’m not directly studying cities, I like to write opinion pieces about the ways they work and the people who live in them. My writing interests and outlets vary but a 14-time, Emmy-winning anchor in Cleveland once called my work, “brilliant,” so I’ll be living that up for quite some time.

As both an early scholar and a parent, I’ve found academia difficult to navigate at times. I’d like to use parts of this site to provide resources for other young scholars and/or parents. I hope you find this site useful and contact me if there is something you’d like to see here. We’re co-producing this content, you and I, so let me know what I’m missing and what you think! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to contact me at hannah.lebovits@uta.edu