For Parents

Are you exhausted just looking at this site? Well, this page might just be for you! I’ve often found that balancing academia and parenting can be incredibly difficult. Other times, it seems like I cant imagine parenting with any other career path!

This page is dedicated to academic parents, parents-to-be and any other type of caregiver. Chiefly, the blog series  includes short, thoughtful pieces from parents in academia, intended to highlight some of the common experiences of parents and decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness.

I’d like to continue to develop the resources on this page. These will include tips for mastering academic conferences as a parent, some of the tools that I use to manage time and resources as an academic parent, and some links to resources for parents and caregivers.

Please note: if you are in need of immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out and access state and federal resources for low-income parents. Academia can involve very low pay for an incredibly long period of time. Many of us have accessed resources when necessary.

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